Simon Kinberg Will Create a Marvel-Style Universe for Fox with X-Men and Fantastic Four


Simon KinbergSo does this mean we’ll be seeing Bryan Singer’s “X-Men” boys and girls matching powers with the rebooted First Family of Superheroes in the near future? It’s entirely possible — and probably very likely, if Simon Kinberg and Fox have their way.

The studio has officially hired “X-Men” writer Simon Kinberg to be their point man in an attempt to grab some of that sweet, sweet fanboy cash Marvel has been grabbing like grabbing is going out of style with their Marvel Cinematic Universe. I guess when even a wonky superhero like Thor opens to a gazillion dollars, you’d have to be a total dumbass not to sit up and take notice. (Right, studio suits at Fox and Warner?)

So what’s the going idea here? We’re told that this new deal for Kinberg will “allow him to expand those franchises into full-blown universes, with the hope of creating for Fox something akin to the Marvel model of interlocking movies.”

And just in case that wasn’t on the nose enough, Kinberg tells THR:

I have a lot of ideas on how to built those brands and do what everybody is thinking of these days: Be like Marvel. I want to be able to build stories over multiple movies.

Well, at least he’s not beating around the bush about it.

Curiously, I wonder what this means for Mark Millar. As you’ll recall, there was big news not all that long ago when the Scottish comic book writer of “Kick-Ass” and “Nemesis” was given a similar sounding title/position to Kinberg within Fox. Has Kinberg now usurped Millar as Fox’s world-builder? Or is Millar still running around somewhere back there “consulting”?

Fox’s new swanky movie world started this year with James Mangold’s “The Wolverine”, will continue with Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, and, one of these days, that Fantastic Four reboot and, we were just told, “X-Men: Apocalypse” in 2016, also by Singer.

Ultimate Fantastic Four

Does this mean the chances of me seeing Wolvie straddling The Thing is now higher? Awesome.

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    This is insteresting. I read that X-Men:DoFP will lead drectly into Apocalypse. Will be interesting to see how a retooled X-men universe works with a rebooted FF franchise.

  • 0ptik

    So if this is the case, are they gonna bring Wolverine 3 in the mix? and if yes, what storyline are they gonna use? it would have to be something right after DoFP so that it does a good transition into AoA. I honestly cant think of any Wolverine Storyline that can tie it all in, but then again, i’m not that informed in everything Wolverine.

    • Dedpool

      Actually I read He’s not sure he’s doing it. Lies I tell you! I think a good story would be one that has Omega Red in it, or bring back Schriber for full on Sabretooh vs Wolverine flick. Do an adaptation of the Evelution storyline.

      • 0ptik

        Could do a weapon X then. Get lady deathstrike back in, omega red, sabertooth, maybe bring gambit from origins, deadpool taste so that he can spin off to his own movie right after.

        • Dedpool

          Nah, basically did that with X2 and XMO. Sabretooth and Omega Red vs Wolverine and Yukio. Yukio would actually be killed towrds the end sending Logan into a berserker rage, and he’d take on Red and Creed in a crazy brutal battle. Have them travel to Russia, and the story take place there or all over Europe

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    You’d be an idiot to get rid of Miller.

  • Marvel Fanboy

    Hugh Jackman has said he doesn’t like the idea, so who will play the part? Also news has been released that Marvel Films has the rights to the Kree and Skrull and will be using them in Gaudians of the Galaxy… So will Fox avoid the Intergalactic story lines, or will Lilandra and the Star Jammers be turning up in the future?

    • Juggernaut

      Hugh Dancy (Hannibal the sries, King Arthur) would be a good replacement for Jackman. He is obviously not as big a star but definately looks a lot like Jackman and is a very good actor. More than likely Jackman will return.
      As for FF passing on the cosmic stories I really can’t see that happening. Their major arcs have included clashes with intergalactic threats. I remember before Avengers came out a lot of questions concerning who the alien invaders would be. When it was confirmed that the Chitauri were used I remeber there being an explaination that Fox and the FF had rights to the Skrull. Not 100% sure but I thought that was the case. Obviously the Kree wll be an important part of GOTG with Ronan and Krath both in the film.