Simon Pegg Shows Lack of Business Skills, Ditches Bastards

With everyone jumping on board Quentin Tarantino’s sure to be dialogue-heavy and gruesome WWII killfest “Inglorious Bastards”, it’s a shock that someone is actually jumping OFF the project. Willingly, too. That’s exactly what Simon Pegg is doing, but not because he doesn’t want to do the flick; apparently “insurmountable scheduling difficulties” is to blame for the “Shaun of the Dead” star abandoning the Nazi-killin’ fun. Instead, the British actor, soon to be (not) seen in “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” will be taking the lead in a movie named “Paul”.

Here’s what Pegg said (via):

Much to our mutual disappointment, I won’t be appearing in QT’s forthcoming ‘Inglorious Bastards’ due to insurmountable scheduling difficulties…We really tried to make it work but in the end, it just was not possible without severe ramifications elsewhere.

Yup, “Paul” is definitely more viable than being in a prestige and highly anticipated ensemble picture like “Inglorious Bastards”. (Methinks someone needs to fire their agent…)

Meanwhile, AICN reports that David Krumholtz (the guy from Numbers) is also out of the movie, and that some guy name Samm Levine is in.

Simon Pegg