Simon West Will Chase the Medallion for McG

Word on the street (aka the LATimes) has Simon West (aka the British version of Michael Bay) signing on to direct the cabbie thriller “Medallion” for producer McG. Besides explosion fests like “Con Air” and “Lara Croft”, West has directed TV pilots for “The Human Target” and “Close to Home”.

The story of “Medallion” goes thusly:

…the story of a father who has just a few hours to locate his kidnapped daughter, who has been locked by hostage-takers in the trunk of an unidentified New York City cab.

West will direct from a script by David Guggenheim, who also wrote the upcoming Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washingotn CIA actioner “Safe House”.

Both Clive Owen and Nicolas Cage have been previously attached to the lead role, though neither stuck. With West onboard and McG producing, they should have a big-name star pretty soon.

Let’s hope whoever lands the father role, he doesn’t have to deal with this guy: