Sinestro Will Probably be in Green Lantern, Probably Played by Jackie Earle Haley

After “Watchmen” and now “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, I’m sure fanboys would accept Jackie Earle Haley even if he torched an orphanage tomorrow. (Hey, they probably had it coming, anyways.) But I don’t know, I just don’t think Haley would fit as Sinestro, unless the filmmakers were willing to get all creative ala what Peter Jackson did with his hobbits on “Lord of the Rings”. By which I mean, isn’t Jackie Earle Haley kinda short to be playing a tall, lanky, regal looking alien aka Sinestro? I’m just saying.

Anyways, the boys at Hitfix says they’ve done some digging over there in Lalaland, and their sources tell them that Sinestro will indeed have a role in the first “Green Lantern” movie (it would make absolutely no sense if he didn’t), but not as a villain. At least, not yet. Of course, this was what I guessed anyway. With a guy like Sinestro, there’s no need to make him the big baddie right away, and in fact, it works better if he’s introduced as GL’s mentor, who the student must then bring down at a later date. Lots more drama there.

Also according to Hitfix, the only person who has been mentioned as playing Sinestro is Jackie Earle Haley, despite what Haley has said previously about not having been approached for the role. In the studio’s eyes, it’s Haley or bust. For now, anyway.

Too late, the Green Lantern Corp. realizes that Sinestro hates yellow-themed jokes.