Singer and McQuarrie Reunite Again for Jack the Giant Killer

As much as I think Bryan Singer would have turned out a pretty good “X-Men” movie if he had stuck with “X-Men: First Class”, I’m kinda glad he’s been forced off the project because of prior commitments to “Jack the Giant Killer”. Look, Singer is a good director, but like Sam Raimi, I’d rather see him do something different then continue to mine the same territory just because it’s safe. (Okay, more so with Sam Raimi than Singer.)

All that is to report that Bryan Singer has once again re-team with his “The Usual Suspects” writer Christopher McQuarrie to rewrite the script for “Jack the Giant Killer”, the re-imagined take on the familiar fantasy that Singer will direct for Legendary Pictures. Mind you, not that this is the first time they’ve worked together since their award-winning “Suspects” — McQuarrie also scripted Singer’s WWII bomb “Valkyrie”.

In a bit of irony, while Singer has lost out on directing a mutant movie with “First Class”, McQuarrie will be scripting the second “Wolverine” movie. Then again, whose to say Singer couldn’t wrap “Jack” in time to shoot the “Wolverine” sequel? Okay, okay, that’s probably not gonna happen, but a fanboy can dream.

Bryan Singer and his dad -- er, I mean, Christopher McQuarrie.