Sir Ben Kingsley To Play The Villain In Iron Man 3, Classes Up The Joint


So far the “Iron Man” series has had big names in the villain roles—Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane, and Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko. This trend looks to continue as reports have Sir Ben Kingsley—you know, Ghandi—in talks to be the baddy in “Iron Man 3”.

Some have speculated that the antagonist in the third chapter in the franchise would be The Mandarin, a Chinese scientist/warlord supporter. That rumor, however, has been thoroughly quashed, and “Kingsley’s character is involved in the spread of a virus through nanobots.”

“Iron Man 3” will be loosely based on the “Extremis” story arc, a six-issue run written by comics legend Warren Ellis in 2005. “Extremis” redefined Iron Man’s origin story. Using this arc will provide continuity for the films, since elements from “Extremis” were already included in the 2008 “Iron Man”, including Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) capture by Afghan terrorists.

Despite winning an Oscar for playing the most famous pacifist in history, Kingsley can also be terrifying when he wants to be. Remember “Sexy Beast”? If this pans out, it is a great bit of casting, and I can’t wait to see Downey Jr.’s Stark face off Kingsley’s villain. The prospect of those two going at it onscreen is intriguing at the very least, and thrilling at best.

What do you think of this choice? Of the use of “Extremis”? Or of anything else, “Iron Man 3” related?

Via : Variety

Author: Brent McKnight

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  • pintnoir

    Come on Marvel give us the Mandarin. It would be so cool if they could get Donnie Yen or Chow Yun Fat.

  • Wolfdaddy21

    they dont want to use the Mandarin because they deem it racist…

    • Juggernaut

      While The Mandarin is Ironman’s arch enemy, yes. However, they have already established the new “Ten Rings” terrorist organization as a new manifestation of that character. Having an actual person showing up in the films now would negate that inclusion in my opinion.
      Kingsley may end up being Gene Khan or one of Mandarin’s other alias’. As some have sited we still don’t know the outcome of The Avengers. There could be plot points within that film that would continue into IM3 such as the alien technology responsible for the ten rings that Mandarin wields in the comics.

  • LionHeart

    Oh, they’re doing Extremis?

    I can dig that.

  • Juggernaut

    Kingsley could play a reinvented version of Maya Hansen the character in the ‘Extremis’ story arc that unleashed the nanotechnology of the extremis formula. The main antagonist is the character Mallen who becomes infected with the serum and wreaks havok with his newly inherited power. He may also play Tony’s one time teacher, Sal Kennedy, re-imagined as a villain. Or even the early expired Dr. Aldrich Killian, who was the red herring in the story. Whoever he plays, he’ll be great as always and give IM3 the weight that both other films had.