Six Character Posters for Daniel Lee’s White Vengeance

If you’re in the mood for an action-packed epic, director Daniel Lee’s “White Vengeance” seems to be the cinematic menu item of choice. Everything I’ve seen thus far has been phenomenal, though looks can often be deceiving. Unless something goes wrong on a narrative level, I have a feeling this one’s going to be all sorts of badass. Mark my words. Or don’t. See if I care.

Let’s being everyone up to speed with a synopsis:

In the late Qin Dynasty, rebels rose and the nation fell into chaos. LIU BANG (Leon Lai) and XIANG YU (Shaofeng Feng), serving under KING HUAI, were the leaders of the rebellious army. Liu Bang and Xiang Yu became sworn brothers in the battles. They had conquered the heartland of Qin Dynasty and caused its destruction.

However, King Huai realized that Liu and Xiang were too powerful and he felt threatened by them. So he formed a plot to turn Liu and Xiang against each other.

The once sworn brothers now held resentment towards each other. Xiang Yu planned to kill Liu Bang at a banquet held in Hong Men. In the banquet, who will emerge as the winner?

Did you miss the trailer we posted last month? Don’t fret — the clip has been surgically embedded into the space provided below. “White Vengeance”, which stars Leon Lai, Anthony Wong, and Yifei Liu, opened in China on Tuesday (November 29th).

Via : Film Smash