Six Posters for the Peculiar Chinese Horror Movie Nightclub School Hospital

Nightclub School Hospital (2012) Movie Image

There isn’t a whole lot of information about “Nightclub School Hospital” floating around right now, and that’s probably why it’s so appealing. The name is silly, the trailer is odd, and the posters are all over the freaking place. There’s a very strong possibility that the film itself will be a complete waste of time — that’s just a hunch, mind you, and not my official review of the film — but, right now, “Nightclub School Hospital” is an intriguing mystery. For me, anyway.

China gets the film on February 10th, 2012. That’s in four days. Here’s hoping an English-subtitled DVD hits the market someone soon. Then again, maybe it’s best if the film remains a mystery. If you missed the trailer the first time around, it’s hanging out below the pics.

Via : 24 Frames per Second