Six Sadistic Pics From Ryan Nicholson’s Hanger

Hanger7Despite my complete and utter disdain for special effects guru-turned-horror filmmaker Ryan Nicholson’s abysmal torture porn outing “Live Feed,” I found his 2008 splatterfest “Gutterballs” to be rather refreshing. Not because it possessed a mountain of new and original ideas, mind you, but because Nicholson really went out-of-his-way to make me sick to my stomach. Let’s put it this way: If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to watch someone have violent sex with a bowling pin, then this film should provide all the education you could ever want or need. To put a finer point on it, “Gutterballs” isn’t the sort of movie you’d ever want to lend to your conservative parents. I don’t think they would understand.

Nicholson’s latest endeavor, the 2009 revenge flick “Hanger,” proves to be just as twisted and morally defunct as the director’s previous efforts. In terms of special effects, he’s outdone himself, delivering a bevy of twisted, Dick Tracy-esque characters and plenty of juicy gore. Don’t take my word for it — take a peak at some of his work below. It’s impressive stuff.

You can read more about “Hanger” by visiting the official site. The film should appear on DVD via Vicious Circle Picture on November 17th.