Skyfall Crashes the Box Office


Skyfall (2012) Movie PosterI guess all that waiting for a new Bond movie really got to people, because when they were finally given the chance to see a new Bond flick, moviegoers jumped in feet-first. After collecting an impressive run overseas in the last two weeks, the latest 007 film, “Skyfall” continued its winning streak by opening big in the U.S. with nearly $88 million in its debut.

How big was that? It was bigger than the last Bond movie, the much derided “Quantum of Solace” by a solid $20 million, and it more than doubled the $40 million of Daniel Craig’s first outing as the British superspy, “Casino Royale”.

All of this is to say, “Skyfall” is setting itself up as the biggest Bond movie in the character’s 50 year history. Not bad for an old fogey in a suit.

In less than a month of release, “Skyfall” has already totaled more than $428 million worldwide. Adding in U.S. box office in its first weekend, “Skyfall” has now surpassed $500 million. In case you were wondering — yes, that is pretty damn impressive.

It’s curious, though, that it took “Skyfall” to make the Bond brand the biggest it’s ever been, especially considering that this latest outing has divided so many fans. I was never that big of a Bond fan, but I kinda liked it myself, though most fans thought it wasn’t quite “Bond” enough for them. Director Sam Mendes definitely had a lot of influence on that, I would imagine, though it’s going to be pretty difficult for anyone else to step in the Bond loafers if star Daniel Craig decides to call it quits after this one.

What do you think of “Skyfall’s” box office success? Surprised? Elated?… Disappointed?

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Author: Nix

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  • Tin Hoang

    The guy has already signed on for 3 more Bonds. He’ll be 60+ when he makes that 3rd one, but some CG face lift can fix any aging problems.

    This film had a lot of promotion backing it so it’s not surprising that it did so well.

    I still think they should give it to a more hardcore action director rather than some artsy dude like Mendes. They want to go outside the box, give the next one to Kathryn Bigelow.

    • Nix

      Web people take the whole “he’s already signed up for xx amount of films” stuff way too seriously. He’s not going to do it if he doesn’t feel like doing it later on.

      • Tin Hoang

        True, but I hope he does it though. I like him as bond. I just think the action could be better.

        • Nix

          The problem with Bond is that a younger man wouldn’t work as the character, so you inevitably get actors who are getting there in years. Which, I suppose, makes swapping Bonds every 3-4 movies kinda logical.

  • Anotherdude

    and rounding out second place in this weeks box office is……-_-

  • dred

    box office result not covering dispointing me for skyfall which minus good action scene

  • Logan

    As a huge Bond fan and after seeing the movie, the fact that it’s making a sh*t ton of money makes me very happy :-D

  • Jimmy Wilson

    Definitely Story line of Skyfall is much stronger than Casino Royale, you can’t take credit from the man Daniel Craig. He proved himself one of the best Bond and probably he is, he is the best choice for performing MI6 secret agent role for since Sean Connery. I am really despite to see how he work with the next M. Well to witness this we have to wait till Bond 24!

    Jimmy Wilson from James Bond Suits