Slumdog Millionaire Writer Wanted for Hunger Games Sequel

Catching Fire Novel CoverWhich would be “Catching Fire”, the second installment in Suzanne Collins’ trilogy of books about rebellious heroine Katniss Everdeen and her neverending battle to overthrow her dystopian world’s cruel overlords. Wait, I hope I didn’t give anything away, did I? Yes, Katniss WILL survive “The Hunger Games”. In case, you know, you were holding your breath and wasn’t sure, I mean.

With “The Hunger Games” set to open next year, and from all indications has a very ready fanbase waiting to devour it in theaters, Lionsgate is already making plans for a sequel. This in and of itself isn’t a big deal. Hiring writers is cheap in Hollywood, which is why you’ll often hear stories about “sequel plans” for every movie with franchise potential. After all, they were “writing” sequels for “Green Lantern” even before that movie stunk up the box office.

In any case, the studio is said to be “courting” the Oscar winning screenwriter of Danny Boyle’s Indian fable “Slumdog Millionaire”, Simon Beaufoy, to take a shot at “Catching Fire”. The Brit scribe also wrote Boyle’s “127 Hours”, as well as “The Full Monty” over a decade ago.

The original plan was for director Gary Ross to continue working with franchise author Suzanne Collins on the second movie, but post-production on “The Hunger Games” has apparently made that difficult. Enter Beaufoy. Anyone who has seen the theatrical trailer for “The Hunger Games” (below, in case you missed it) can see Collins involvement in the screenwriting of that film, given how faithful the movie seems to be to the book. I suspect her contract has her just as involved with the second (and possible third) movie, which should please fans of the books.

“Catching Fire” finds Katniss struggling to deal with the ramifications of her rebellious actions during the Hunger Games. Also, rumors of an independent District 13, long thought destroyed, begins to surface…

The games begin March 23, 2012.

Via : Deadline