Smallville’s Human Punching Bag — er, I mean, Green Arrow to Get his Own TV Show

Justin Hartley in Smallville TV SeriesI’ll admit that I didn’t watch “Smallville” regularly back when it was still on the air, but whenever I did turn it on and Green Arrow happened to be in an episode, I swear the guy always seemed to be getting his ass handed to him. What makes that worse is the fact that Green Arrow is supposed to be this cool, shadowy vigilante — who apparently is really bad at fighting and in constant need of saving by Superman.

In case you haven’t gotten enough of that, the CW is planning on bringing Green Arrow back in his very own TV show. Makes sense, given how good “Smallville” had been for them. Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t try to launch a spin-off show earlier. But according to reports, Justin Hartley, the actor who played the hooded Emerald Archer in “Smallville”, will not reprise the character in the new TV show. While we don’t know yet if this Green Arrow will in fact be a spin-off from “Smallville”, it seems unlikely that he wouldn’t be, given the CW is involved and there’s already an established fanbase for the character.

For those unfamiliar with greenie, the comic book Green Arrow is a superhero that is parts Robin Hood, parts Batman. Which means he doesn’t have any actual superpowers except for his process with the bow and what appears to be an insane amount of tricked-out arrows. GA’s civilian alter ego is Oliver Queen, one of those playboy billionaires (albeit one with goofy facial hair) that adopted the superhero guise to fight injustice and the like. Did I mention he also has goofy facial hair?

Greg Berlanti, who worked on “Green Lantern” (apparently he likes his superheroes in green tights) and Marc Guggenheim (of “Flashforward” fame) will be working on the new show for the CW.

(By the way, this is not to be confused with that “Super Max” movie that David Goyer (of “Batman” reboot fame) has been trying to get off the ground, that was also supposed to star Green Arrow — in prison. But I think it’s probably safe to say that that movie is dead.)

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