Smith and Spielberg’s Oldboy Remake Gets Legend-ary Writer

Yup, they’re still doing it, despite the fact that all you fanboys cried and cried over it. Well get used to it, because Hollywood could care less what you say, and they’re going through with a remake of your precious “Oldboy” anyway. Why? Because Hollywood hates you, that’s why. But hey, look at the bright side: at least they put the big guns on this thing, right? It’s better than having your favoritest movie in the whole wide world be directed by, say, a hack like Brett Ratner or God forbid, those retards that make the spoof movies. Am I right or am I right? The latest news on the “Oldboy” remake front is that “I am Legend” writer Mark Protosevich has joined in on the fun to adapt the Korean original into English.

THR has your legendary news:

In a potential high-profile star-writer reunion, “I Am Legend” co-scribe Mark Protosevich is in early talks to pen the remake of “Old Boy” that boxoffice king and “Legend” star Will Smith is developing with director Steven Spielberg.

DreamWorks secured the remake rights from Mandate Pictures, which also is staying involved in the project. Although the studio was meeting with several high-profile writers to do the adaptation, Smith invited Protosevich to meet with Spielberg on the project.

Again: better Spielberg and Smith then Ratner and, say, Chris Tucker, right?

Below: “Promise me you’ll keep the squid scene in the remake! Promise me now!”