Snake Plissken is Saved, New Line Drops Escape From New York Remake

Fans of John Carpenter and Kurt Russell’s “Escape from New York” rejoice, because there won’t be a reboot of “Escape from New York” anytime soon. Deadline reports that New Line Cinema (and their partners at Warner Bros.) have decided not to pursue a reboot of the 1981 sci-fi classic after working on it for the past few years. Rights to the film are now up for grabs.

Most recently, “The Crazies” director Breck Eisner was making noise about directing the reboot (after “Underworld’s” Len Wiseman left), with names like Gerard Butler and Jeremy Renner attached to play the new Snake Plissken, a futuristic badass tasked with saving the President’s life in a prison-like New York cut off from the rest of the world when the Prez’s plane goes down.

For his troubles, Snake will get a pardon if he succeeds — and instant death if he fails. Yeah, it’s those kinds of choices that can turn someone a tad anti-authority like our man Snake Plissken.