Snazzy Fanmade Movie Posters Based on Your Favorite Video Games

Fanmade Movie Posters - Metal Gear

Who hasn’t played a really good game and thought, “Man, this would totally make a great movie!” Of course, we know how that usually turns out. Some guy name Uwe Boll gets his hands on it and before you know it — crap. That’s usually how it works, anyway. You can count on one hand the number of movies based on games that haven’t been total embarrassments, and frankly, those are the very rare exceptions.

But that’s not going to stop some creative fanboy types from making movie posters based on some of their fave games anyway. Of course, Nathan Fillion gets tossed in there, as he invariably gets tossed into all of these geek-based fantasies.

You can check out the whole mess of posters over at Double Dip. Here are some of the better ones:

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Via : GeekTyrant