Snazzy Poster for the Australian Horror Flick Primal

Primal (2009) Movie Image

When it comes to relentless, balls-out horror, Australia is where it’s at. The country has been consistently delivering the goods for several years now, and from where I’m seated, they show absolutely no signs of slowing down. I know that “Undead”, “Cactus”, and “Wolf Creek” take a lot of flack from fans, but I consider them to be among the best genre efforts of the last decade. Josh Reed’s upcoming endeavor “Primal” appears to headed in the same direction has its contemporaries, and my excitement for the project couldn’t be stronger. In fact, I was quite delighted to discover the new poster for the film resting happily in my Inbox this morning, courtesy of a good friend and the fine folks at Twitch.

If you haven’t done so already, check out our “Primal” movie preview page by clicking right here. There’s all sorts of tasty info just waiting to be consumed. The new poster, meanwhile, has been positioned below. In my humble opinion, it’s several expensive brands of nifty.

Primal (2009) Movie Poster