Snazzy US Trailer for Director Yam Laranas’ Acclaimed Horror Flick The Road

The Road (2012) Movie PosterWith the film’s US release date rapidly approaching, it kind of makes sense that the folks over at Freestyle Releasing would piece together a brand new trailer for director Yam Laranas’ acclaimed horror flick “The Road”. If you haven’t seen any footage whatsoever from the film, this is definitely a good place to start. It’s a damn fine representation of what’s in store for unsuspecting movie-goers this May. Remember to bring several pairs of clean underwear.

If you’re new to “The Road”, you’ll need this synopsis:

A twelve year old cold case is reopened when three teens are missing in an abandoned road. In the course of the investigation, deeper and gruesome stories of abduction and murders are discovered. After more than two decades, the secrets of the haunted road may finally be revealed.

Want to read an article where a grown ass man gushes about a motion picture? Then you should read my review of “The Road”. It’s really kind of embarrassing how much I love this movie. The latest trailer, meanwhile, resides below.