Sneak Peek Clip from The Walking Dead 1.04 Vatos

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Well, that was, uh, one of the most awkward reunions on TV ever. Hey, at least Shane got to unleash some of those pent up frustrations out on wife-beating Ed, right? He had it coming anyway.

With Rick, Daryl (guest star Norman Reedus), Glenn, and T-Dog back in Atlanta trying to rescue a suddenly missing Merle (guest star Michael Rooker) — did he cut off his hand to free himself? did the walkers take him? — things are getting weird back at survivor camp. Specifically, ol Jim (the lanky dude with the trucker hat and beard) is going around digging, and digging, and digging…

Here’s an extended clip from next week’s “The Walking Dead” episode, 1.04, titled, “Vatos”, airing November 21, 2010. The title probably has a little something to do with those Mexican looking gang bangers that Rick and the boys run afoul of in Atlanta while trying to retrieve Rick’s guns by way of the next episode preview. Looks like the walkers aren’t the only dangerous species still left alive in the city…

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