Snyder Talks 300 Sequel

Zack Snyder, whose name is just about to become even more household-y after “Watchmen” hits the screen next year, recently talked briefly about the announced sequel to his movie “300”. Yes, a sequel to a movie where everyone dies. (Oops, hope I didn’t ruin the ending for you! Ah, screw it. I hope I did. But I digress.) So how are they gonna do it? Snyder confesses that he has no idea, since he doesn’t plan to write the movie. Instead, Snyder and the suits are going to wait for Frank Miller, who wrote and drew the original “300” graphic novel from which the movie version was faithfully based, to do the graphic novel sequel, and then, and only then, will they do the movie version.

Via IESB, who got the scoop from Snyder himself:

In short, Snyder says he’s spoken with Frank Miller who will be writing and drawing the graphic novel that the second film will be based on. Upon Miller’s completion of the book, then, and only then, will they delve into writing a script for the movie.

Snyder continued and said he would not have any input into the novel and wants it to be a creation of Miller’s 100%.

Snyder also said it will take place between the Battle of Thermopylae and the Battle of Plataea, the battle that narrator Dilios is at while re-telling the story of King Leonidas and the mighty Spartans to a new group of warriors at the end of 300.

You know, I can dig it. It’s a lot better than going back to the early life of Leonidas (played by Gerard Butler in the movie) and following his rise to power as King of Sparta. Just move on. The Persian Wars had more to it than just the Battle of Thermopylae, which was really just the beginning of the actual war, and there’s plenty of battles to be told in, no doubt, very graphic and bloody details.

Below: “300” sequel? It’s Queen Gorgo or bust, baby.

Queen Gorgo in 300