Snyder’s Superman Reboot Will Involve Some West African Meddling by Clark Kent


Zack Snyder’s “Superman” reboot is such a huge topic around the geekosphere that everyone and their momma are going around making gratuitously headlines about how this actor and that actor wants to play Superman or may be rumored to play Superman and other nonsense headlines purely to draw traffic. And it’s pretty damn obvious. And kind of sad. Look, guys, The Powers That Be will choose a Superman when they choose a Superman. What’s the point in continually throwing every name on the wall? Pointless, if you ask me.

Anyways, I’m more concern about the plot of the film. We’ve already known for a while now that Snyder’s reboot will focus on a young Clark Kent, journalist, as he travels the world in search of news and, of course, himself. Slowly but surely, he comes to accept his powers, and his place in the world, eventually leading him to Metropolis where he suits up as Superman. (Of course, this could be wrong, but this seems to be the accepted overarching premise for the reboot.)

According to What’s Playing, though, before Supes arrives in Metropolis, he’ll be getting involved in some kind of scuffle in West Africa first.

A character breakdown issued to casting agencies this week says that the plot involves Clark getting involved in some sort of battle between two tribes in West Africa.

“When he is compelled to use his secret powers to intervene in a crisis in West Africa, Clark returns to Smallville to learn more about his origins and the hero he was born to be”.

I’m guessing that’s just one of many “conflict” plots in the movie, and not the major plot, as it would be kind of strange having Superman fighting a bunch of African tribesmen. I mean, aren’t they a little, you know, underpowered?

But anyways, now you know Superman will be making a stop in West Africa at least once during his trip to discovering himself. Let’s just hope it’s not all moping and asking stupid questions like, “Who am I?” We already know who you are, dude, now get to bustin’ heads post-haste!

He's stronger.

Author: Nix

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  • Loeildu6clone

    Maybe super-heroes should resolve some politic problems…
    Marvel & DC never place their heroes in a “realistic” world.
    I hope Zack will do it.

    • Dedpool aka Jiinx

      No but they have written stories where the idea of superheroes interfering in politcial issues comes up. It never ends well. One of the most recent was in “Superman: For Tomorrow” written by Brian Azzarello and drawn by Jim Lee. It actually had a similar issue but it was all about Superman, not Clark. I think this is an interesting idea and definitely plays into modern society and politics.

  • ith

    I just hope he gets in some good fights and doesn’t just fly around liftin rocks

    • Dedpool aka Jiinx

      This is Zack “300” Snyder. The man who actually made the action of Watchmen cool (I say that as a fan of the comic AND the film), and the man who made owls look cool. Plus “Sucker Punch.” Yeah I think we’ll get some fights. He’s probably been itching to see one too.

  • Lexavi80

    If this is true then they’re taking the “Superman: Birthright” storyline. I’m pretty cool with it because that’s the first time I’ve seen Clark Kent “walking the road” to be Superman. What inspire him, where he got the idea for the suit and his disguise.
    This could be pretty fun to watch on the theater.
    Is like a Superman Begin movie.

    • Dedpool aka Jiinx

      I agree. Great story and would work very well for a reboot. I think the costume stuff will be pretty much his mom made it based on the blanket he was found in. That’s something I’ve always liked and they touched on it in “Birthright.”

  • Bad Zack

    so blackhawk down with superman whooping ass

    • Dedpool aka Jiinx

      Nah. The stuff in Africa would happen before he actually dons the cape. It’d be him seeing how bad shape the world is in and how it really does need a hero.

  • Fng5

    Maybe the plot in West Africa is for the fighting scenes far far away the big cities. But, this kind of story is more like Smallville.

    • Dedpool aka Jiinx

      Well this is a reboot so we’re bound to get some Smallville esque moments with younger Clark.

  • Diren Ayhan

    well.. it perfectly worked out in “birthright”.

  • Blake

    I hope this film in no way has a Smallville type feel to it

  • Blake

    I hope this film in no way has a Smallville type feel to it

  • Blake

    I hope this film in no way has a Smallville type feel to it

  • Jwest18

    Are they kidding!? Tribes in South Africa? Maybe they should call the film, “Tarzan”.
    As for casting the ClarkSuperman part, they BETTER choose someone with looks that are worthy of the role, meaning tall, dark and handsome. This new trend of casting homely actors in lead roles is a huge turn off. Being able to watch beautiful people on screen is why we pay the millions of dollars that these films make.

    • Dedpool aka Jiinx

      Dont think spears think militants with guns. Think blood diamond. That sort of thing. He stumbles across it while doing journalist work for the Planet.