So I Guess This Means John McClane’s Son in Die Hard 5 Won’t be a Bratty Teen…

Bruce Willis in Die Hard (1988) Movie Image

Earlier in the day we learned that FOX had set the latest “Die Hard” movie (part five, since titled “A Good Day to Die Hard”) for February 14, 2013.

The plot, like the previous movie, would find McClane saddled with an offspring — this time a son. So who would play the bratty teenager? As it turns out, he won’t be a teenager at all, though I reserve the right to call him a brat anyways.

According to the trades, names being thrown around as a possible McClane Jr. include Aaron Paul, Ben Foster, and Paul Dano. The threesome, along with others, will be meeting with Willis himself to see who has the necessary chemistry to make it work.

Who knows who will end up with the cushy gig, except that it’s reassuring to know that McClane won’t be running around with one of those mouthy teenagers, especially since the plot would find McClane in Russia fighting, of course, terrorists.

John Moore will direct from a script by Skip Woods (“Swordfish”).

By the way, the trade also mentions that whoever lands the role may end up carrying on the franchise as the new star. Which is just a ridiculous statement to make, and reminds you just how little Hollywood knows its audience. I’ll make it simple for them: There is no “Die Hard” franchise without John McClane/Bruce Willis. I don’t care if Willis is 90 — you can take that to the bank.

Via : Variety