So This is What Captain America Looks Like in the Movie?


For those wondering what Chris Evans’s Captain America will look like in “Captain America: The First Avenger”, the boys at Joblo recently saw the actual costume, and a few days ago described what they saw (here). Today, some of their more artistic readers have sent in sketches based on those descriptions, which you can take a gander at below. According to the writer, these are very close, though the ear is hidden and the straps are a tad off. The rest, says the writer, is very accurate to what he saw.

“Captain America”, starring Chris Evans as Cap, Sebastian Stan as his sidekick Bucky, Hugo Weaving as bad guy the Red Skull, and Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, arrives in 2011 from director Joe Johnston and Marvel Studios.

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Definitely. I mean they're already cribing from the Ultimate Universe with Fury, and the costume. Even current storylines about Cap's past have done a ret-con and had him with the helmet, shield AND a machine gun. Don't believe me look at this cover for the first issue of Steve Rogers: Super Soldier featuring ther former Cap as his new role as the MU's new top cop.

    I personally think it's a great idea leaving Bucky as Cap and elevating Rogers to a higher and more important position in the MU. I do hope he gets a shield of his own again though. Maybe an all blue one with a white star with wings like his new uniform.

  • ULIK

    I think he'll probably be using the traditional “badge” shaped shield during his USO performance.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    That would work perfectly actually. Then have him use it for a bit, it get's destroyed and look it's Howard Stark to the rescue with the first round shield for Cap. LoL.

  • Summersoilder

    No way in Hell. Cap needs wings on his head His round shield & the proper boots, just as he was in the comic, It won't be right otherwise, all this re-imaging is spoiling it. Changing the story is bad enough, they don't need to change anything, the original way was what made it so great & way cool. True fans will know what I mean.

  • Wonderboy

    I think it’s weird Captain America wearing armor or padding of some sort, he doesn’t need padding or armor, he’s Captain America, he’s doesn’t need it ’cause he’s that good. And some of the costume designs are still too futuristic.

  • Highoctane_

    I just don’t like the idea that Cap is paraded around and too expensive to put into combat. What??!! Cap should be made, trained and kicking ass from the get go. How else would he earn the respect of GI’s and soldiers from the Allies? He needs a Thompson and he needs to be a Nazi killing machine. This is war, and he can get his values on preserving life after the war is over and he has killed enough. I hope the Hydra stuff doesn’t come off as cheesy either. Good ol’ Nazis as bad guys are the best villains.