So, Uh, What Happened to the Scream 4 Audience This Week?

Blame in on “Rio” — the animated bird movie put an old-fashioned whuppin’ on Wes Craven’s fourth outing in the “Scream” franchise, easily besting the horror/comedy (at this point, the only way the “Scream” movies can scare or surprise me is if they stop trying to be uber hip) by doubling “Scream 4’s” weekend box office.

“Rio” effortlessly took first place with $40 million to “Scream 4’s” $19 million, no doubt leaving a lot of suits at The Weinstein Company screaming “WTF” over and over again. Worldwide, “Rio” has already $168 million. Who says family entertainment is dead?

Limp first-week box office notwithstanding, “Scream 4” will of course end up profitable when you factor in DVD and other peripheral sales, but don’t be surprise if the studio decides to reboot this sucker in a few years with an all-new cast and crew. Let’s face it, the franchise feels TIRED. And I actually LIKED the movie, though I have to admit, watching the final 30 minutes of the film was hilarious, unintentionally or not…