Soderbergh’s Knockout to be Ultra-Realistic, James Bond-ish

Steven Soderbergh doing a straightforward action movie was a surprise enough, but Steven Soderbergh casting an MMA fighter as his star? Okay, so Gina Carano has been in a movie or two, usually in very small roles and basically playing herself (a female fighter), and she certainly has the look, although she seems to have “bulked up” a bit for my taste in the last few years. In an interview with Empire, Soderbergh expands more on the movie, and how he wants to approach it.

“I’d been wanting to make a spy action film for a while, but hadn’t really determined what I was going to bring to it that would distinguish it from the traditional approach. Then I thought, ‘Why don’t I just build it around [Gina Carano]? She can actually break people in half.’ I was interested in doing something ultra-realistic.”

While the script is still being written by “The Limey’s” Lem Dobbs (a movie that Soderbergh also directed) and is not close to being finished, but Soderbergh had this to say about the storyline:

“My desire is for it to be a very realistic portrayal of somebody who gets hired, as these people do, by the government, to go and perform certain duties that it would be inappropriate to give to the military. That could be anything from a hostage-grab to surveillance to an actual killing…”

Soderbergh also likens the film to the Bond movie “From Russian With Love” and John Boorman’s 1967 movie “Point Blank”.

To see Carano in a movie, check out the Michael Jae White direct-to-DVD actioner “Blood and Bone”. She plays — you guessed it — a MMA fighter.

A date with Gina Carano? More awesome than a punch to the face.

A date with Gina Carano? More awesome than a punch to the face.