Sofia Vergara and Jason Statham are Feeling the Heat

Jason Statham in Parker (2013) Movie Image

I actually remember the 1986 movie “Heat” starring Burt Reynolds. Well, a little bit of it. I do know that it was based on the novel by William Goldman, who also adapted the script. Goldman is back the second time around, once again adapting “Heat” for a new movie starring Sofia Vergara and Jason Statham.

Sofia Vergara“Con Air’s” Simon West will take over directing duties in the remake, which would star Statham as “a recovering gambler-turned-hired bodyguard working in Vegas who decides to help a friend after she is attacked by the mob, but gets in over his head as he seeks revenge.”

Vergara would play the friend in need.

“Heat” looks like it has the kind of premise that a guy like Statham does so well, which may be the problem. This is entirely in Statham’s wheelhouse, which means it won’t challenge him one bit. That’s a good thing for his fans, since they love watching Statham do what Statham does, but given that Statham’s films haven’t really done all that well lately, well, you know, I wouldn’t want to be an investor on this thing. (Statham’s last movie, “Parker”, bombed.)

The 1986 original was directed by Dick Richards.

Here’s a look at Burt kicking some dudes’ asses with nothing but a slick jacket and a pair of credit cards. Cause that’s how much of a badass he is:

Via : Heat Vision