Sofia Vergara Cast in Smurfs and Happy Feet 2

Can I tell you? The idea of a “Smurfs” CG movie and a sequel to a movie about dancing and singing penguins fall somewhere between “Meh, whatever, Hollywood” and “Are you shitting me?” on the scale of “Films I’d shoot your momma in the face to see”. So why even make a post on Sofia Vergara’s casting if I could care less about either movie? Well duh. It’s Sofia Vergara, and this is a perfect excuse to post pictures of her. She’s, er, you know, purty.

THR has Colombia’s best import since you know, that other stuff joining the “Smurfs” movie as Neil Patrick Harris as one of the film’s live-human characters (cause obviously animating Sofia would be a crime against humanity). She will play Odile, a powerful executive at a high-end French cosmetics company. Raja Gosnell directs.

Meanwhile, she’ll also be lending that smooth, sexy voice to George Miller’s “Happy Feet 2”, joining Brad Pitt, Robin Williams, Elijah Wood and Azaria in the cast. It’s supposed to be in 3D or something. Whoopty do. Way to be different, George.