Soi Cheang’s Sha Po Lang 2 Won’t Star Donnie Yen or Tony Jaa

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Sha Po Lang (2005) Movie Image

“Motorway” director Soi Cheang and producer Wilson Yip are currently putting together a sequel to the kick-ass 2005 action flick “Sha Po Lang” (aka “SPL” and “Kill Zone”). Unfortunately, it would appear that Donnie Yen won’t star in the proposed follow-up. However, it’s believed that he could make an appearance in the movie.

Rumors about Tony Jaa’s involvement with “SPL 2″ are also false. Since the “Ong Bak” star is currently busy with “Fast and Furious 7,” he doesn’t have a lot of time to devote to Cheang’s flick. In other words, it’s unknown who will star in the flick. Damn shame about Yen and Jaa.

Instead of a sequel, “Sha Po Lang 2″ will take place before the events found in the first film. Sammo Hung, Wu Jing, Andy On, and Francis Ng are presently attached to make an appearance in the sequel. Although Yen and Jaa might not be involved with the flick, Hung is definitely a good reason to keep a close eye on this project.

“Sha Po Lang 2″ should begin shooting next year. If you haven’t seen the original, then do yourself a favor. The final fight scene is worth the price of admission all by itself.

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