Soi Cheang’s The Monkey King Packs on the All-Star Cast

Production on “Shamo” director Soi Cheang’s big-budget fantasy epic “The Monkey King” already started last month with an impressive cast that included Donnie Yen, Aaron Kwok, and Chow Yun-Fat. The film has now added three lovely lasses to the roster: Cecilia Cheung (left), Gigi Leung and Kelly Chen.

“Monkey King”, as you might have guessed, is yet another iteration of the vastly popular Chinese tome “Journey to the West”. In the film, Yen is playing the Monkey King, while Kwok is Bull Demon King. Chow Yun-Fat, meanwhile, will co-star as the Jade Emperor of Heaven.

Also joining the cast: Taiwan actors Peter Ho and Joe Chen, and mainland actor Liu Ye.

“The Monkey King” is clocking in with an estimated $57 million dollar budget, which may seem “modest” by Hollywood standards, but is a whopper in Chinese movie industry terms. The film is scheduled for release in 2012 in 3D.

The Monkey King (2012) Movie Image