Solomon Kane Trailer. In Russian!

I like director Michael J. Bassett. He directed a couple of movies that I thought were highly underrated, the WWI horror movie “Deathwatch” and “Wilderness”. His latest is “Solomon Kane”, a fantasy-actioner based on the works of “Conan” author Robert E. Howard. Bassett and company showed a trailer for the movie at Comic Con, but alas I wasn’t able to catch it. Here it is, but unfortunately it’s dubbed in Russian. I’m not sure what they’re saying, but apparently it’s about some guy name Solomon. Or, “Solomonnnnnnnnnn!!!!”

Solomon Kane is a 17th century Puritan, a somber-looking man who wanders the world with no apparent goal other than to vanquish evil in all its forms. His adventures often take him from Europe to the jungles of Africa and back.

From the looks of the trailer, he’s apparently wandered off into Middle Earth. Those are Orcs, right? And that giant fire guy at the end? Didn’t he battle Gandalph? Starring James Purefoy (last seen on TV as a rich do-gooder in NBC’s canceled The Philanthropist) and Pete Postlethwaite.