Some Behind-the-Scenes Photos from the Upcoming Donnie Yen Flick Special Identity

Donnie Yen makes me feel like a slacker. The number of films the man has made over the past few years is staggering, especially when you consider that most of them are pretty fantastic. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the man has yet another motion picture in the works, one that requires him to once again beat the ever-loving crap out of other people. Those are usually the best kind of Donnie Yen flicks.

Next up for the “Ip Man” star is director Clarence Ford’s “Special Identity”, a film which also stars Jing Tian, Vincent Zhao, Zhang Hanyu, Kun Yang, and Qi Daji. The main focus, of course, is getting to see Donnie Yen and “True Legend” alumni Vincent Zhao square off against one another. Since Yen, along with Bruce Law, is also serving as the picture’s action director, I think we can expect something memorable. If you love behind-the-scenes photos that show you next to nothing about the film in question, you’re going to adore the small collection of images embedded below. I’ll be the first to admit that they’re not much to look at, but hardcore Donnie Yen fans may glean some enjoyment from this otherwise unremarkable batch of pics. Hey, at least I’m honest.

As soon as we learn, we’ll definitely let you know.

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