Some British Dude and Moon Bloodgood Hop Onboard The Rock’s Faster

Whoa, what’s the deal with The Rock’s vehicular action flick “Faster” packing in all the babes? First it was Maggie Grace and Salma Hayek, and now they’ve added “Terminator: Salvation” star Moon Bloodgood to the roster. And it won’t be a cameo or throwaway role, either; Moon will be playing the ex-girlfriend of Dwayne Johnson’s character, an ex-con who is out for revenge when his little bro gets himself killed in one of them “only in the movies” illegal car racing circuit whatamagigs. Also, some British dude name Oliver Jackson-Cohen (pictured, top left) has also joined the cast as “a self-made millionaire who kills for fun”, which probably means he’s the villain of the piece. He looks like he’ll go a couple of seconds before the Rock pounds him into Swiss cheese in a fight.

Besides Grace, Hayek, and The Rock, “Faster” already has Billy Bob Thornton playing a cop who is after Johnson. George Tillman Jr, who last directed the rap bio “Notorious”, directs from a script by Joe and Tony Gayton.

Meanwhile, Moon Bloodgood…

Billy Bob Thornton and Moon Bloodgood in Faster (2010) Movie Image