Some Cloverfield Bits: The Monster, The Title, and Blair Witch

As if you haven’t gotten your fill of the monster movie that is “Cloverfield” just yet, here are some more tidbits courtesy of Variety. According to an interview with the film’s director Matt Reeves, the movie’s title was always going to be “Cloverfield”, and you’ll get to see a lot of the monster, including what Reeves is calling “intimate contact” with the monster by the end of the film.

Here are the excerpts about the movie (read the rest of the article here):

“Cloverfield” — the government’s code name for a “case incident” involving footage recovered from a site “formerly known as Central Park” — was designed as a handheld digital mock-doc. The initial scenes set up the premise: The camera’s hunky owner Rob is in love with a beauty named Beth. He doesn’t want to shoot a testimonial video at his brother’s going-away party, so he passes the camera to a guy named Hud, who keeps shooting through the long night as New York is attacked by something gonzo, loud and very scary. “I saw it, it’s alive!” cries one onlooker…

“People think you use the ‘Blair Witch’ aesthetic to avoid seeing things,” says Reeves. “I didn’t want to have all that anticipation and not reveal him. The fun thing is you do see everything over the course of the movie in several different ways, but it’s filmed heavily from one point-of-view. You move quickly. By the end you have intimate contact.”

“Cloverfield” opens January 18th, 2008.