Some German Guy You’ve Never Heard of Says Jude Law and Robert De Niro are in Thor

Here’s the deal with these “as told to us by a guy from abroad” news — they almost always turn out to be false. Besides the fact that the “news” is second hand (some guy read it in a newspaper or saw it on TV), the original source was in a foreign language, and you know how wacky them foreigners and their foreign tongues are. In this case, someone supposedly read an interview German actor Matthias Schweighöfer (left) did with the German edition of GQ, where Schweighöfer mentions that he was not only up for a role in Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor”, but that Jude Law and Robert De Niro have already joined the cast.

So how do you confirm something like that? Well, you could find someone who is German, who lives in Germany, and ask him to go buy an issue of GQ and read the article in question and then translate it for you to either confirm or deny. Or you can just report it as “possible news” the way I’m doing here, and as AICN did, and tell everyone it’s probably bullshit, that way you’re covered if it does indeed turn out to be bullshit.

So, er, it’s probably bullshit, but in case it’s not…

Jude Law and Robert De Niro have joined the cast of Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor”. Impossible, you say? Not so fast, my friends. De Niro has worked with Branagh before, and Law has that one thing needed for a Branagah film — a British accent. So who will they be playing? For De Niro, it would have be a character with gravitas. For the cherubic Law, it could be pretty much anyone.

Or no one. You know, in case the “news” is b.s. Man, all this CYA is time consuming.

These guys may or may not be in Thor.

These guys may or may not be in Thor.