Some Kickin’ Images from Wales’ First Action Film Kamikaze

Kamikaze (2014) Movie Poster

Or at least, I’m told this is Wales’ first-ever action movie. Hey, I don’t know. I could probably find out with a little Googling, but let’s face it, who has the 2 or 3 minutes that’ll take, amirite? So, yeah, let’s go with this being the first ever action film hailing from the country of Wales. The folks that sent it over sounded dependable enough. (Or as dependable as you can “sound” via an email, anyway.)

Here’s what the fellows had to say:

Beat’em Up Films, the South Wales-based production company, are pleased to announce that principal photography is almost complete on their first feature film, KAMIKAZE, Wales’s first action film. Set around an ex-government agent who is hired to do a job that goes wrong, high-octane action, car stunts, fights and explosions. All set and filmed around south Wales, Newport, Cardiff, Chepstow and monmouthshire.

The film is produced by David Newton and David Ware, and is the debut feature of director Marcus Shakesheff, who has featured in a number of Hollywood Blockbusters.

Director/Star Marcus Shakesheff: “Having worked on big budget Hollywood action adventure films I was very aware that there has never been a welsh action film. With Kamikaze, we were very eager to bring the excitement and spectacle of Hollywood productions mixed with the martial arts action of the east to South Wales. This is the first of it’s kind and not the last”.

No trailer yet (they’re just wrapping up production, as mentioned above), but here are some images and a poster: