Someone Claims to Have Read the Transformers 4 Script… (UPDATED)

Transformers 4 (2014) Movie Title Logo

UPDATE: Michael Bay has officially denied the story. He says he and writer Ehren Kruger are only on page 70 of their script, so the fact that someone has gotten their hands on a 120-page script is of course false.


And I do stress the word “claims”. Oh, I’m sure they read a script. But the real “Transformers 4” script? Doubtful.

But for those of you interested anyway, the site UnleashTheFanboy says they have acquired the script for Michael Bay’s “Transformers 4”, set for Summer 2014. The script is apparently dated November 30th of this year, though no writers are listed. Real or not …


Transformer's Unicron So, here are the bullet points:

– The villains are the giant, planet size Unicron (pictured to your right), his right-hand man Galvatron, and yes, the return of Megatron (who apparently “possesses” Galvatron during Galvatron’s raid on a Colorado facility on Earth).

– Unicron, doing what Unicron does, is on his way to take over Earth, and only an Autobot name Primus can stop him. It’s up to Optimus Prime and company to locate Primus, who is apparently stuck in time (or something) to do what he was designed to do.

– Mark Wahlberg will probably play a Special Ops character name Beller. He has a rebellious teen daughter (who has a boyfriend).

– There will be a female soldier name Josie who, during Galvatron’s attack on the Colorado facility, ends up merging with Cybertronian technology and becoming a badass cyborg name Circuit Breaker.

– And oh yeah, Dinobots. They finally show up in this one.

You can read the rest of it at UTF if you’re inclined. It doesn’t really sound like the real thing, to be perfectly honest with you. Here are a couple of reasons why:

Mark Wahlberg in Ted (2012) Movie Image

1. Beller, Wahlberg’s character, doesn’t sound like he does a hell of a lot in the movie. You can cast Josh Duhamel and have him show up intermittently, but you don’t waste Mark Wahlberg’s time like that.
2. The budget for “Transformers 4” was said to be substantially less than the previous three movies, which would seem to make a giant, planet-size bad guy like Unicorn somewhat hard to accomplish “on a budget”. There’s also lots of time-traveling involved.

Is it the real thing? Or just the work of some fanboy with too much time on his hands?

We should find out pretty fast, I think: just wait until the end of the day. If Paramount has contacted UTF to remove the script review, then yes, it’s the real thing. If the script review remains on the site into tomorrow, then No, it’s not.

It would be nice if it was true, though. I mean, Dinobots! Who hasn’t been waiting for these guys to show up?