Someone has Read the Voltron Script and Says it’s Great!

Or that’s the word from Latino Review, who as usual has gotten their hands on an advance script of the upcoming “Voltron” live-action movie. Yes, a movie based on that show about giant lion robots that can combine to form a big f’in robot, kinda like Transformers, but with swords and, um, giant lion robot parts for limbs. The script in question was written by Justin Marks, who has basically usurped the position once held by David Goyer as the go-to guy for comic book movies. Besides “Voltron”, Marks is currently penning the new “He-Man: Masters of the Universe” movie, as well as Goyer’s own Green Arrow movie, “Supermax”.

Here’s LR’s review of the script, plot descriptions in bold:

What is so damn cool about the script is that it pays homage to both incarnations of the Voltron cartoon — the American and Japanese versions. GOLION came out back in 1981 in Japan, three years later in America. GOLION was considered too hardcore for American audiences so it was edited down into what would be VOLTRON. Wikpedia nailed down the differences of Voltron and Golion in an awesome article and expose of the Voltron phenomenon, check it out.

The script has the tone, edge and dark elements of GOLION.

VOLTRON is a post apocalyptic movie and a fucking awesome one at that too. Just the way it should be because that was the setup of both cartoons. A little bit of ROAD WARRIOR, a little bit INDEPENDENCE DAY, a little bit WAR OF THE WORLDS, a little bit of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, a little bit of THE TERMINATOR, and a little bit of THE MATRIX with some STARGATE thrown in for good measure!

Also, none of the elements that made Voltron corny are in the script — no Nanny, no Hagar, and especially no fucking space mice! In fact, no corniness at all!

Here is the setup: The Drules have invaded Earth and kicked our ass in the ONE DAY WAR. Humanity has gone underground. New York has been decimated and our story opens on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Drule invasion. Think about it, Earth was conquered by an Alien race in 24 hours.

Now I don’t really recall any of that dark post-apocalyptic stuff in the original cartoons. Wasn’t it just about a bunch of humans and their fancy robot lions? I guess not.

Anyways, you can read the full script review here. It goes on in quite great details about the characters and the first 43 pages.

The reviewer adds (as if we don’t already know):

Voltron also leaves room for a sequel or trilogy! Awesome! The script is definitely solid enough to launch a trilogy. The Drules are solid villains you love to hate and I would just love to see the battle taken to their home planet like they did in the final episodes of the cartoon.

Sheesh, another wannabe trilogy. I swear, this thing is getting out of hand…

Here’s a clip from the “Voltron” cartoons to remind you what this thing is about (love the synthesizer music):