Someone is About to Get Eaten on The Walking Dead — but Who?


Zombies in The Walking Dead Season 2It looks like someone is about to become zombie food on the current season of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. At least, that’s the blind item from TVLine, who quotes unnamed sources as saying that a character on the show is about to get munched on … and it’s because he/she asked for it.

Well, he/she asked for it … but has had a change of heart, though that might not be enough to save him/her. Oops?

The backstage drama all started when series creator Frank Darabont was ousted. A whole lotta people were upset, you’ll recall, and this one person, so much so that he/she asked to be released from his/her contract. But, according to my moles, a funny thing happened between the time the request was made and when it was potentially granted.

A change of heart.

Now this member of the ensemble wants to stay. But it may be too late. (Even my sources don’t know for sure at this point whether the character is going to be written off, although one insider insists he/she ultimately got their wish.)

The article describes the person as being a “Darabont loyalist”, which immediately brought to mind two very specific castmembers: Laurie Holden (Andrea) and Jeffrey DeMunn (Dale). Both have been in their fair share of Darabont movies, with Holden having worked with Darabont on “The Mist” and “The Majestic”, and DeMunn, besides also working on “The Mist” and “The Majestic”, was also in Darabont’s “The Shawshank Redemption”. No doubt one of these two was not very pleased when AMC had that tiff with Darabont that eventually resulted in Darabont being unceremoniously booted from the show.

This is Hollywood, after all, where the ego is king, so even if this castmember has since had a changed of heart, I suspect he/she might still get their wish, if just for the AMC suits to prove that they can’t be pushed around by the castmembers. It would definitely set a precedent, and since neither actors are main characters, their departure wouldn’t really hurt the show too much in terms of storyline.

Though if it ended up being Laurie Holden, I would be very, very displeased. She is easily my favorite character on the show, right next to the hapless Glenn.

Laurie Holden and Jeffrey DeMunn on The Walking Dead

Author: Nix

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  • justjoe

    I hope and pray it´s Laurie Holden´s “Andrea”-character. She´s gone from slighly annoying to unbearable within a couple of episodes. That characters seems to be alway bitching, discussing and making stupid things (hell, she nearly killed Daryl)!

    • Nix

      She’s the only legit character in the bunch. Besides her, what do you have? One constantly crying woman and one constantly brooding woman. Give me Andrea any day.

    • Fear_the_llama

      If you read the comic you’d learn that “Andrea” ends up being the character other than Rick n Carl, Glen, N’ Maggie who actually has any longevity in the story. AKA if they kill her off so early they’ll be making a big mistake. She quickly goes from useless to one bad chiquita. My opinion? Shane is toast…. he should have been killed off last season like in the comic (shot by carl BLADDOW)

      • kevsco

        agreed it has to be shane they’ve been following the comic book this long and its right about now this happens right after he teachs carl to shoot!!

  • Caramello

    I hope they all die, including the idiots in charge of the network. this show went from being a zombie cool show to a disgusting bad written soap opera.

    • justjoe

      Those soap opera moments are needed to build up the characters and their relationship to each other. Without some backgrounds they would be nothing more than zombie food. And “The Walking Dead” as a graphic novel has never been just about the zombies.

  • kazar

    i agree. the series and the network should be swallowed for turning this into a bunch of zombie poop.

  • Saveahorserideacowboy7769

    Should be Shane that gets it

  • Tom Beehorde

    It’s a drama folks… the soap opera moments are inevitable. This is not a show about the zombies. The zombies are a part of the scenery, albeit a dangerous part. The antagonists and protagonists lie solely within the character base. So saying it went from being a zombie show to a “soap opera” (aka drama, which is what AMC has billed the show as from the get-go) is not exactly a complaint. It is not a horror flick style kill-fest with no story line and gratuitous blood. You want inane meaningless content like that, go watch “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. LOL.

    As far as who dies… Andrea needs to kick the bucket. So does Shane and the whiny annoying mother of the little girl LOL.

    • Fear_the_llama

      next time you attempt to make a prediction read the comic first otherwise you just sound like a retard

  • Davidbriandobbs

    If you read the comic from start to current, like I have, you’ll know that it is a DRAMA that is character driven and not just a big zombie kill fest. There are many issues of the comic that are slow moving and are just about developing the characters. The comic will have four of five issues where things are slow moving, they build up the characters, then all hell breaks loose and we see crazy stuff go down. That is how I hope the TV show will continue to develop. I actually wish the show was closer to the comic, but then Shane would already be dead, and there is no Daryl in the comic, and he is the best character. If they follow the comic, Andrea is still alive, Dale loses his leg, then gets eaten, Lori has her baby, then they both get shot, Rick loses a hand, Shane is shot by Carl, Glenn and Maggie adopt Sophia after Carol dies, and T-dog gets his head cut off by a psychopath. I don’t think it has to follow the comic in the details, but it should follow it in the big picture, which means they will be leaving the farm very soon, which is good because it will lead to more action.

    • Fear_the_llama

      Yeah, My guess is Shane is toast, they are settin it up by training carl to shoot… its gunna happen cuz lori also told rick about Shane (which never happened in the comic) my guess Rick confronts Shane, Shane goes mental, Carl shoots Shane

  • Aknot

    Hmm little late to this show but if you know the books it would have to be Dale. Shane is there for a reason.

    I just hope Dale goes out like he does in the book. From the ‘preview’ it appears we run across other people so… maybe they are Hunters……..

    Also Carol may go over the deep end again Im hoping she goes like her comic counter part.