Something Horrible is Happening in the Teaser Trailer for Mysterious Island

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What’s going down in this clip isn’t quite clear, but judging from the strobe light and the look of absolute horror on the young girl’s face, it can’t be good. The teaser trailer for the upcoming Chinese horror outing “Mysterious Island” does just that: it teases you, nothing more. It’s certainly accomplished its mission, as I’m quite curious to see more from the flick. What can I say? I’m an easy mark for Asian horror.

Before proceeding, let’s bring you up to speed, plotwise:

A group of young people from different countries head to a deserted island for a survivor competition. The winner who lives through the hardships will be awarded with a big cash prize. However this journey turns out to be much harder than they could stand. First, their maps are gone. Then the competitors are being murdered, one by one. They all know the killer must be one among them. The island is under a horrible and timid atmosphere.

Like I said, there isn’t much to it, but I’m definitely intrigued. As always, you can find the trailer lurking somewhere down below.

Source: Film Smash

Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Arthur

    As much as I love Asian Horror Films, the genre needs a rebirth. After the horrible 3-D horror films: Takashi Shimizu’s “The Shock Labyrinth” and the Pang Bros. “Child’s Eye”, I was beginning to lose faith when these talented directors tried to go mainstream. South Korea’s “Ghost” (2010) and “Yoga” were not so hot; though “Bestseller” was not too bad. Thailand’s “4bia” and “Phobia 2″ were decent enough. But I lost interest in their “Haunted Universities” and “Tai Hong” as well as South Korea’s “Hidden Floor”. Japan’s “Otoshimono” aka “Ghost Train” was no better. I did like “Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman” and South Korea’s “Apartment” thanks to Ahn Byung Ki. The “Shutter” follow up “Alone” was very, very good but Thailand’s “Coming Soon” was a dud. Singapore’s “The Maid” was good. Love “Re-cycle” by the Pang Bros. Now, the “Ju-on” themed “Lady In White” and “Girl In Black” were nice and creepy. The stringy-haired pale ghost girl thing is wearing a little thin. “Womb Ghosts” was actually scary. “Whispering Corridors 5: A Blood Pledge” was just ok. I did enjoy “Death Bell” but “Death Bell 2″ was terrible. “Chaw” was great. I have high hopes for “Sector 7″. I think “White Lady” was from the Philippines and it wasn’t too bad. “Sick Nurses” was ok. The horror version of “Home Sweet Home” wasn’t even scary. “Rule No. 1″ was actually decent. Now, South Korea’s “Epitaph” scared the crap out of me. But, Asian Horror needs a serious rebirth or reboot. After fantastic films like “A Tale Of Two Sisters”, “The Eye”, “Phone”, “Ringu”, “Dark Water”, “Ju-on”, “Ju-on 2″, “The Eye 2″, “Shutter”, “Alone”, “Memories Of Murder”, “The Host”, “Mother”, “Wishing Stairs”, “One Missed Call”, “Epitaph”, “Carved The Slit-Mouthed Woman”, “The Red Shoes”, “Arang”, “Face”, “Cello”, “Ryung” aka “The Ghost”, “4bia”, “The Ghost Of Mae Nak”, “Sigaw”, “The Isle”, “Exte” aka “Ekusute”, “The Sisters”, “Audition”, “Battle Royale”, “Suicide Circle”, “Death Note”, “Death Note The Last Name” and others, Asian Horror filmmakers have to get back on the horse and creep the hell out of us like they used too.