Sommer Says No to G.I. Joe, Wiseman Confirmed for Escape from New York Remake

Director Len Wiseman is in pretty high demand, with a string of hits to his credit. To my knowledge, I don’t think he’s had a box office stinker yet. From the “Underworld” movies straight to the recent “Die Hard” sequel. And now it appears as if the studios have confirmed Wiseman to make over John Carpenter’s sci-fi actioner “Escape from New York”, as has been previously reported here and elsewhere. Meanwhile, “Mummy” director Stephen Sommers has apparently walked on talks to direct “G.I. Joe”, with the main sticking point being about $10 million — the amount Sommers wanted to do “Joe”, and the amount the studio was not willing to shell out.

About Wiseman and “Escape” (from Variety via):

The New Line movie seeks to revamp John Carpenter’s 1981 original, in which Snake Plissken (bow down before Kurt Russell), an eye-patched war hero/convict, is sent into Manhattan, now a maximum security prison rather than Starbucks breeding ground, to rescue the US President after his plane is brought down by the criminal inhabitants. The new version has found its Snake Plissken in 300’s Gerard Butler, who you have to agree is a pretty good choice when you need a badass.

Say what you will about both Sommers and Wiseman — I think they’re good filmmakers, who makes good, entertaining movies. Neither men are going to win an Academy Award anytime soon, if ever, but I liked everything they’ve done, even if in some cases Sommers’ movies have been on the extremely cheesy side. Wiseman, meanwhile, continues to astound as the second coming of Michael Bay. (Groan if you want at Bay’s name; I still think he’s a damn fine director for the types of movies he makes, which I happen to dig.)

Besides helming “Escape from New York” Redux, Wiseman is also said to be working on the “Gears of War” movie. No needs on that front yet, but “Escape” is a given according to Variety.

And what’s this? Word is, Wiseman might be considered for “G.I. Joe” as well. Hmm…

Wiseman Confirmed for Escape from New York Remake