Sommers takes command of G.I. Joe.

cobra1(Article by Tom G.) Well this should be exciting. After all G.I. Joe (or Action Force as it was known to me as a kid), is one of the greatest cartoon series to have ever existed, and even that daft movie with the giant insects and Cobra Commander turning into a snake was completely awesome!

A director has now been attached to the project, showng signs that this thing is finally moving ahead. But this is one of those good news bad news things, as the director happens to be Stephen Sommers, the guy behind The Mummy and Van Helsing. Now I guess these films have their fans who find them to be light entertainment and the first Mummy movie was alright for what it was. but it’s hard to get hyped that this guy is at the helm.

Equally worrying, is that the script will be meshed together from past drafts including the infamous Skip Woods take (the review of which can be found here.). For anyone who has read what Latino Review had to say on that version, the name Cool Dude will surely send shivers down your spine.

But here is hoping that in a few years, we get to see a damn fine G.I. Joe movie featuring fantastic ninja battles, outlandish plots to take over the world, and a Cobra Commander who doesn’t remove his mask at all during the duration of the film…it could happen, right?

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