Sonar Entertainment to Bring the Hellraiser Franchise to the Small Screen

Earlier this week, Brent reported that Clive Barker’s hideously underrated horror opus “Nightbreed” could make the jump to the small screen, which, of course, made this horror geek extremely happy. Hot on the heels of that revelation is the news that Sonar Entertainment is preparing to transform the “Hellraiser” franchise into a weekly series. How the company plans to make that happen is unclear, though it will be curious to see how they intend to make this property work on the small screen, particularly since all of the films rely heavily on graphic sex and violence. In other words, this needs to be on HBO or Showtime.

Eric Gardner and Larry Kuppin will executive produce the series. In a recent article with Variety, Gardner had this to say about the project:

The gap between an O.K. show and a great show is getting bigger and bigger and our obsession going forward will be to find high quality shows that people really want… If you look at our slate, you’ll see shows that have either a great brand name like ‘King Tut’ or ‘Hellraiser’ that arrive with a recognition, a build-in marketing platform and/or a great writer like ‘MPH’ with Steven E. De Souza.

Like I said, this project could work if the series ends up on a network that allows “Hellraiser” to do what “Hellraiser” does best. I’m sure more information about the program will makes its way to the proverbial surface as the whole bloody affair draws closer to fruition. While we’re waiting for that to happen, take a quick peek at the official press release from Sonar Entertainment. It doesn’t say much, but hey, at least it’s official.

One of the most successful (and terrifying) franchises in film history is ready for its weekly television debut.

For over 25 years, fans have followed the exploits of an insidious villain named Pinhead, summoned from a nightmarish underworld by an ancient puzzle box. He will seduce you with power and tempt you with fear, until your soul belongs to him.

Now, for the first time, a weekly series set in the fantastic realm of Hellraiser will thrill audiences worldwide.

Haven’t heard of “Hellraiser”? Then you need to watch the trailer below.

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