Sony Close to Choosing Their New Peter Parker


Marc Webb’s “Spider-Man” reboot is about to land it’s Peter Parker, possibly by as early as next week, reports Deadline. The studio were been busy looking at screen tests from the various candidates on Friday, including tests by actors Jamie Bell, Andrew Garfield, Logan Lerman, and Alden Ehrenreich. Frank Dillane and Michael Angerano were also on the final candidates list, but their tapes were not viewed on Friday.

Curiously, Josh Hutcherson is nowhere on the list. Does this mean he’s fallen off Sony’s radar? He’s one of the age-appropriate actors in the bunch, and his wealth of Hollywood blockbuster experience (while still being relatively an unknown) would seem to make him the ideal candidate.

The total opposite of Hutcherson is the 27-year old Andrew Garfield, who will be 29 by the time the film is ready to be released. Yup. A 27-year old playing a teenage Peter Parker. It’s so ridiculous, it’ll probably happen. Granted, Tobey Maguire was in his mid-20s too when he first landed the gig back in 2001, but his Spider-Man was never really about the teenage Parker, and always more about the college-bound/set version. Webb’s version, on the other hand, will be mired entirely in the hallways of a public high school. Or at least, that was the idea.

Whoever gets the job, they need to get it soon, so Webb can start casting the supporting characters and get the film into production by the end of this year. Sony has already penciled in a July 3, 2012 release date for the reboot.

And once Peter Parker is cast, we need to start harping on who will play Mary Jane…

Author: Nix

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  • spideyfan

    hutcherson the only one age appropriate? Lerman is only a few months older than him and Dillane only a year older than both Lerman and hutcherson. Josh H is physically not appropriate for the parker/spidey role unless they do a lot of shot adjustments to make up for his lack of height. Lerman and Dillane are better choices

  • Bad Zack

    hmm mary jane — how about jessica from true blood

  • Nix

    You're right. Edited to reflect that. As to Hutcherson being too short, whoever said Spiderman had to be a hulking figure? Peter Parker was never the tallest or biggest guy in the comics. He was always the picked on nerd who never looked physically imposing, rather in or out of costume.

  • B-Flash

    Deborah Ann Woll is who I had in mind as well, or as Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) in X-Men: First Class.

  • Core Genesis