Sony Pictures Classics to Release Wong Kar Wai’s Ashes of Time Redux

Wow, Wong Kar Wai is doing a reworking of his classic “Ashes of Time”? I friggin love that movie. Almost as much as I love cheese, and I love cheese pretty damn much, let me tell you. The 1994 martial arts period film “Ashes of Time” was about a guy played by the late-Leslie Cheung who lived in a house in the desert where people kept showing up and he had to keep killing them. It’s actually not as cool as it sounds, but man, was it pretty deep and heady stuff. You know, your basic Wong Kar Wai movie, except with swords and sand. Now Variety is reporting that Sony Pictures Classics has nabbed the North American distribution rights to the film. I don’t foresee it getting a theatrical release, but maybe a re-release on DVD to coincide with Kar Wai’s “My Blueberry Nights”?

More info about the redux version via here:

Wong Kar Wai works his magic in this long planned “reworking” of his legendary, rarely seen and one and only martial arts film. Set in ancient China, Ouyang Feng (Leslie Cheung) is a fallen swordsman driven by greed towards both friend and foe. He is afraid of love after having his heart broken by an affair gone wrong. He is a perpetual loner, but the bounty hunters that work for him, like “Blind Swordsman” (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) and another of his best fighters, Hung Chi (Jacky Cheung), discover the intangible secret of true love while Ouyang retains his attitude towards his fighters and the precious lessons that they have taught.

“Ashes of Time” is, easily, one of my favorite movies of all time. Right up there next to “My Neighbor Totoro”. Seriously.