Sony Pictures Picks Up Joseph Kahn’s Detention

Sony Pictures has announced that they’ve picked up former music video director turned movie director Joseph Kahn’s wacky time-traveling comedy/horror/slasher film “Detention” for worldwide distribution.

Raves Sony’s Scott Shooman about the pick-up:

This is the best apocalyptic fantasy, horror, science fiction, action-thriller, body swapping, time-traveling teen romantic comedy that we have ever screened. The pace, energy, and awesomeness Joseph Kahn has achieved in ‘Detention’ is completely mind-blowing in the best way possible.

Co-written by Kahn and Mark Palermo, “Detention” stars Josh Hutcherson (one of the stars of the upcoming “Hunger Game”), comedian Dane Cook, Spencer Locke, Jesse Heiman, and Melanie Abramoff.

“Detention” follows the students of Grizzly Lake as “they survive their final year of high school, where they’re in a race against time to stop a slasher killer, which will in turn save the world — if only they can get out of detention.”

Yes, it’s all as wacky as it sounds. Perhaps too much for its own good?

(You can read Brent’s review of the movie here.)