Sony Pitting Five Against a Bullet

Sony’s upcoming “Five Against a Bullet” sure sounds a lot like Johnnie To’s crime classic “The Mission”. Then again, it could just be the premise:

The pic centers on a Mexican pol who hires the five best bodyguards from around the world for his personal security.

“Pol” means “politician”. Sites like Variety uses words like “pol” and “pic” (instead of picture or film or movie) because, I dunno, it’s a trade thing. Sorta like kids on the Internet when they refuse to type out “you’re” and simply go with “your”, etc.

Anyways, “Transformers” guy Lorenzo di Bonaventura is producing, with “The Three Musketeers'” Alex Litvak (the Paul W.S. Anderson version) writing the script.

The production will shoot in the U.S. and Puerto Rico with a $30 million dollar-ish budget.

If the film ends up being half as cool as To’s “The Mission”, it should be mission accomplished: