Sony Says Tattoo Sequel, The Girl Who Played With Fire is Still Gonna Burn

The Girl who Played with Fire (2009) Movie PosterThe David Fincher-directed remake of the Swedish book/movie is currently sitting at $60 million domestic and $72 million worldwide after two weeks of release. Not a bad haul, but certainly not gangbusters for a film with a $90 million dollar price tag (not including the bloated costs associated with marketing a bloated Hollywood film — which is to say, your average Hollywood film, because let’s face it, everything Hollywood does is bloated).

According to a rep for Sony, the planned sequel to “Dragon Tattoo”, titled “The Girl who Played with Fire” (the second in the three-book series), is still being “developed” and that “nothing has changed” despite general perception that the remake has underperformed at the box office.

This is nothing new. Studios always claim sequels are coming, even for films that haven’t opened yet, so this should be taken with a heavy grain of salt. (In Hollywood, throwing some cash at a writer or two and claiming you’re “developing” a sequel is cheap.) I suspect, though, that “Dragon Tattoo” will be receiving renewed interest come Oscar season, and that, more than anything, should help the remake gain steam at the box office. Still, it would have to start making more of an impact before the studio would actually greenlight a sequel. Awards or not, this is still a business.

I actually like Fincher’s remake of “Dragon Tattoo”, more so than the original Swedish movie (and definitely more than the tedious book from which it is based), and wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel. In “Fire”, outcast Lisbeth Salandar and her journalist boy toy Mikael Blomkvist would tackle a sex-trafficking ring and murder accusations against Salandar.

The Fincher movie, starring Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig, is based on a book trilogy by the late Stieg Larsson, and was previously all adapted into movies in its native Sweden. Those films starred Noomi Rapace, who is now, ironically enough, doing Hollywood movies.

Trailer for the Swedish version of “The Girl Who Played With Fire”:

Via : EW