Sony to Hand the Spider-Man Reboot to … Marc Webb? Who the Hell is Marc Webb?

In an odd and sort of sick way, this kind of makes sense: Sony jettisoned “Spider-Man 4” and Sam Raimi precisely because Sam Raimi was Sam Raimi — a big-name director who is used to having things his way, and when he couldn’t get things his way, he walked. So what would a studio do? They would get a director like Marc Webb, who they could “influence” (aka kick around) and make him do what they want. Sure, that makes sense, but then again, not so much when you consider that all Webb’s done is the romantic comedy “500 Days of Summer”. I mean, come on, that’s it. So, this is your new “Spidey” director? The guy you’re going to hand a $300 million dollar movie to? Of course, it’s all speculation, and Webb doesn’t have the job yet, but the fact that they’re even considering this should make you wonder what the hell is going on over there.

That’s all according to Deadline, who says that Webb has shockingly appeared at the top of the list of directors that Sony is currently looking at to helm their Spidey reboot, which would put Peter Parker back in high school and start the franchise all over again from scratch.

Word is, if a director is located quickly enough, Sony can move into production later in the year and use James Vanderbilt’s script as a basis for the reboot. The film itself would be in production for a while and finally be released in 2012. Why so long? Not surprisingly, the studio is looking to do a 3D “Spider-Man”. Because, you know, that’s what all the kids are digging nowadays, apparently.

Of course, there hasn’t been any official announcements, and one may never come. Plus, studios and producers meet with potential actors, writers, and directors on a gazillion films a day, so this could be another story without legs. Still, why in the world would they even consider giving the movie to a newbie director who has only helmed one romantic comedy in his life? Boggles the mind.

Marc Webb? Who the hell is Marc Webb? Even Spider-Dog doesn't know this Marc Webb fella.