Sony’s New Spider-Man is Only Worth $500K, Apparently

No wonder Sony was so keen to dump Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire and start all over with the “Spider-Man” franchise. It’s all about the Benjamins, yo. The franchise’s original star and director would have cost the studio tens of millions in profit when you figure in the duo’s up-front salary and individual back-end deals, which translates into quite a nice chunk of change considering that every “Spider-Man” entry has scored at least $780 million without fail.

Having now jettisoned Maguire and Raimi, Sony can pay the new Spider-Man, 27-year old Andrew Garfield a less-than-spectacular-y $500,000 for the first movie, $1 million for the second, and $2 million for the third film. Translation: Sony gets to keep all the profits, while paying their star (and I assume, their director) peanuts compared to what it would have cost them to retain both Raimi and Maguire. It certainly sounds like Sony is aiming to prove that it’s the franchise that puts the butts in seats, and not the star or director.

According to Deadline, all the Spidey finalists were given these figures before Sony made their choice, so Garfield has signed on knowing the numbers ahead of time and this won’t be coming to him as a surprise.

'Hey, 500K ain't bad, Andrew, you can buy tons of shaving razors. Remember, you're playing a 17-year old!'