Sopranos The Movie is in the Works?

Will there ever be a Sopranos movie? Probably, if there’s money to be made, HBO will probably find a way to do it, but first they’ll have to convince creator David Chase, who, judging by the Sopranos series finale, isn’t all that concern with commercial ventures and what have you. But wait, there is word that a Sopranos movie may in fact be in the works. Or at least that’s what this guy who knows that guy who heard it from that dude told someone else. Meaning, of course, that no one knows for sure, but everyone sure is hoping there is a movie.


One Nick D’Urso, manager of the Satin Dolls strip club in North Jersey, which served as the infamous Bada Bing strip club in the show, says he received a call, possibly from HBO, telling him not to do any renovations to the club in lieu of an upcoming Sopranos movie.

And then there’s this:

HBO apparently had no comment regarding D’Urso’s claim. Supporting the possibility of a movie is arguably the show’s most well known fan, Soprano Sue, who had this to say…

“As soon as the finale ended, I got a call from somebody on the crew who said, ‘We’re going to make a movie,’” she said, adding, “You can tell just by looking at the series finale.”

Well, if THOSE solid evidence won’t convince you a Sopranos movie is in the works, I don’t know what will!

Sopranos The Movie is in the Works?