South Korea Dives Back into Big Budget WWII Moviemaking with My Way

If you needed a big-time director to orchestrate the chaos and brutal warfare of World War II, you could probably do worst than Kang Je-gyu. Okay, so he’s probably the first guy you’d go to, actually, having directed “Shiri” and “Brotherhood”, two South Korean blockbusters.

Kang Je-gyu’s latest, which recently made its sales pitch at Cannes, is “My Way” (formerly titled “D-Day”, which actually sounds much better — “My Way” sounds like a bad romantic comedy, and certainly not war-ish in the least), starring Jang Dong-gun (last seen in “The Warrior’s Way”), along with Fan BingBing (pretty much every epic Chinese movie in recent years) and Joe Odagiri (“Shinobi”, among many others).

The film is “the story of two men’s crossed fates and destinies in the Second World War, D-Day.” Yeah, haven’t a clue what that means, but the pretty girl played by Fan BingBing figures in there somewhere, I’m assuming, since she’s featured pretty prominently in all the promotions.

Check out the teaser trailer, which borrows pretty liberally (shamelessly) from the opening credit sequence of HBO’s “Band of Brothers” (via HanCinema):

And character posters for the three leads: